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These are also referred to as residential treatment centers. They are treatment facilities made available to patients who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. They are open to receiving patients with mental illnesses or those diagnosed with dual diagnosis. These centers offer residency facilities where a patient lives for his treatment. Furthermore, they are suited to monitor a patient’s behavioral patterns to develop the best treatment.

The advantage inpatient treatment has over outpatient is that patients are guaranteed around-the-clock care. There is no point at which the patient is without somebody looking after him or her. In comparison, outpatient treatment centers only offer a patient a few hours of care and attention because the patient does not live within the facility. The fact that some treatment centers are built next to hospitals and medical facilities is to their favor.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

Receiving treatment as an outpatient involves more work and discipline than inpatient. The patient has to discipline him or herself to say no to alcohol or drugs whenever the urge hits. He or she has to work extra hard to fight off the temptations. This is not to allude that its easier for an inpatient, because his or her freedom is restricted. This is to his or her advantage because the objective is to get him or her used to having a body that functions without drugs or alcohol.

Some behavioral scientists have hailed the introduction of this behavioral intervention in these medical facilities, especially when handling behavioral problems in such institutions. They have made a major contribution in reducing the frequency of such outbursts. However, there are others who feel that, when such behavioral interventions are offered to teenagers, their impact is more negative than discipline. These concerns have to do with treatment centers offering boarding schools with therapeutic learning.

Factors to consider when considering joining an inpatient treatment center are the cost of these services, what facilities and services are offered once a patient leaves the treatment facility, and the severity of the patient’s condition. There are cases which are best handled as an outpatient, like when a patient is a new addict. These are but just a few of what one should inquire about before signing up.

Inpatient treatment centers are widespread throughout the nation and are constantly monitored by authorities in the government.

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