Inpatient Treatment Facilities In Alabama

Alcohol and drug abuse has caused untold pain to many families in many states across the nation. Alabama is one such state where alcohol and drug abuse rates are at an all-time high. Commonly abused drugs in Alabama include cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines. Cocaine is the most abused drug in the state and distribution and use of cocaine has been linked to violence, especially in low-income neighborhoods of the state.

Much of the cocaine found in Alabama is supplied by Mexican cartels. The use of heroin in the state has significantly increased over the last few years. Heroin in the state can be traced back to Jamaica and New York.

The price of heroin is steadily decreasing and many addicts can easily afford it. Meth is also commonly abused in the state, made in meth labs that are found throughout the state. These labs are found in many rural communities.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Alabama

Meth is transported by Mexican cartels into Alabama. The use of meth has led to increased violence and thefts. It is also worth noting that, in the last five years, the use of club drugs has dramatically increased.

Some of the commonly abused club drugs in Alabama include ecstasy, GHB, and LSD. Marijuana is also widely used in Alabama. Recently, there have been large seizures of marijuana by law enforcement agencies.

Production of marijuana in Alabama is declining. An alarming trend is increasing in the abuse of prescription drugs, which is done through three main ways, including going to different doctors for the same drug, the illegal sale of medications by healthcare workers and professionals, and fraudulent medication purchases on the internet.

In light of this, there are numerous outpatient and inpatient treatment centers in Alabama designated for drugs and alcohol. In total, 66 of these treatment facilities are funded by the state and 43 treatment facilities are privately-owned.

These treatment facilities include Bradford Health Services, Anniston Fellowship House Inc., Dauphin Way Lodge, Phoenix House Inc., and VA Central Alabama Healthcare System. One of the most effective methods of alcohol and drug abuse treatment is inpatient treatment centers. There are 38 alcohol and drug abuse inpatient treatment facilities in Alabama. Inpatient treatment is mostly offered to patients with serious addictions.

The patients undergo an evaluation to determine the extent of their addiction. The addicts undergo several treatment therapies to help them overcome their addiction. One of the most important treatment therapies is detox, where drugs are removed from the addict’s body.

The addict undergoes various guidance and counseling sessions, coupled up with various therapies aimed at helping the patient develop life-skills. Inpatient treatment centers are part of the foundation to help those struggling with this to get back on their feet.

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