Inpatient Treatment Facilities In Alaska

Recently, the levels of alcohol and drug abuse in Alaska have gone up significantly because drugs are widely available there. The state records numerous seizures of illicit drugs yearly. Alaska is a major transit point for drugs because it shares a border with Canada.

One of the most abused drugs in the state is cocaine. The distribution of cocaine and crack is controlled by Dominican and Mexican drug cartels.

Heroin is another drug which is abused in the state, but access to it is limited and heroin abusers have turned to other drugs. Meth is readily available in Alaska, but authorities are cracking down on the production and use of it by passing a number of legislations aimed at curtailing the sale of pseudoephedrine, which is used in its production.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Alaska

Authorities have seized numerous meth laboratories recently. Most of the meth found in the state can be traced back to Southeast Asia where it is manufactured in Burma.

Meth in Alaska is mainly found in tablet form. The use of club drugs is not widespread in Alaska because they aren’t in high supply. Commonly abused drugs in the state include GHB and LSD. The use of marijuana is widespread throughout because it is widely grown there.

Marijuana is also smuggled into the state from British Columbia. The abuse of prescription drugs is increasing. Prescription drugs abused in the state include Vicodin, Lortab, Oxycontin, Percodan, and Percocet. As a result of these facts, there is a large number of inpatient treatment centers in Alaska to help struggling alcoholics and addicts.

Some of these inpatient treatment centers include DBA Safe Harbor Kodiak Council on Alcoholism Inc., Genesis Recovery Services Inc., Nugens Ranch Alaska Addiction Rehab Services, Ravens Way Southeast AK Regional Health Consortium, and Akeela House Akeela Inc. In addition to the many alcohol and drug abuse treatment facilities in the state catering to adults, there is a large number of inpatient centers catering to teenage addicts.

Some of the inpatient treatment centers in Alaska catering to teens include Crisis Recovery Center, Kodiak Counseling Center, and Valdez Behavioral Health. It is important to note that inpatient treatment centers in Alaska are effective due to a number of factors. For starters, the addict is closely monitored around the clock.

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