Inpatient Treatment Facilities In Delaware

The state of Delaware has a significant drug problem. It is one of the top five states with the largest number of teenagers using marijuana. The state is home to operations of major drug cartels from New York and Philadelphia. According to the US Department of Justice, much of the crime in the state is attributed to the use of illicit drugs.

Some of the drugs abused in Delaware include cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin, and alcohol. The use of cocaine in Delaware is high because of the widespread availability of drugs in the area.

Many heroin cartels in the state are found in Wilmington. The use of club drugs has increased over the years with MDMA, LSD, and GHB being popular among young people. There is a large number of outpatient and inpatient treatment centers in Delaware.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Delaware

Some of these alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers include Claymont Advanced Treatment Systems, Brandywine Counseling Inc., Cornerstone Alcohol and Drug Residential Program, Peoples Place Counseling Center of Milford, Thresholds Inc. of Georgetown, and ABR Counseling Associates. There are different forms of alcohol and drug abuse rehab facilities in the state.

Most of these treatment facilities are outpatient. Outpatient facilities offer numerous treatment programs which include counseling services, aftercare programs, and detox. For the most part, outpatient treatment programs are suitable for people with busy lives.

The addict visits the treatment facility at regular intervals. Many outpatient treatment facilities offer aftercare support. It is important for an addict to choose the outpatient program with the best aftercare treatment facility.

The recovery process is long and the addict needs all the help that he or she can get. Aftercare substance abuse programs are instrumental in preventing relapses. There are also numerous inpatient treatment centers in Delaware offering specialized services.

Some of these treatment facilities include women’s rehab centers, adolescent and teen rehab centers, men rehab centers, and dual diagnosis treatment centers for people suffering from addictions and mental illnesses.

Inpatient treatment centers offer a number of treatment programs. Inpatient treatment facilities are more effective in treating addictions than outpatient because in inpatient treatment centers, addicts receive personalized treatment. Addicts are monitored around the clock while undergoing numerous therapies.

One of the most notable offerings at inpatient treatment centers in Delaware is short-term residential treatment, which is marked by short periods of residential treatments followed by outpatient treatment therapies. These inpatient treatment centers also offer long-term residential treatment program which take somewhere between 6 and 12 months.

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