Ohio Inpatient Treatment Facilities

Ohio has not been spared by substance abuse. A number of drugs have been abused, resulting in frantic efforts being made to contain the menace.

The most abused drug in Ohio is cocaine. So enormous is the threat posed by the abuse of this drug that numerous violent crimes are attributed to it. This is not to mean that cocaine is the only abused drug.

Heroin has been widely available at low cost. These two factors make it a perfect candidate for abuse. Marijuana has also carved a spot for itself as the most abused drug in Ohio, more so among users under 18 years. Its use actually crosscuts all boundaries of culture and social economic lines.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Ohio

The recreational and experimental use of the drug by individuals between 10 and 12 has also been on the rise. Meth production in Ohio has gained significance. Meth labs have increased in the state, leading to more availability not only in Ohio but other neighboring states. The availability of the drug has definitely boosted its abuse rates.

Lastly, the use of club drugs has also been on the rise. Some of the most abused club drugs include LSD, ketamine, GHB, and ecstasy. Given the multiple facets of the substances abused in Ohio, the problem is relatively deep-seated. It comes as no wonder that numerous inpatient treatment centers have been established recently in an effort to minimize or eliminate substance abuse.

For numerous individuals reeling under addiction, kicking the problem may be a herculean task. This is more so after withdrawal symptoms set in as they can make the individual’s life very uncomfortable. This definitely underlines the importance of inpatient treatment centers as they incorporate qualified and experienced professionals with extensive knowledge.

The treatment programs are aimed at making the recovery process safe and comfortable. This does not imply that the treatment will be painless. Inpatient treatment centers modify the treatment in accordance with each case.

Some of the treatment programs offered at inpatient treatment centers include detox, family therapy, group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and counseling. All these processes are aimed at catering for every aspect of substance abuse, including emotional, physical, and psychological health.

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