Oregon Residential Treatment Centers

Alarming figures have been provided concerning patients who actually committed to receiving the proper help and assistance they need from inpatient treatment centers. Using 2005 facts and figures, out of more than 320,000 residents in Oregon who were struggling with drug addiction, only 13,000 received the help they required. This is a very disturbing fact which has to be looked at very closely.

The reasons given for the above statistics is that there is an increasing number of residents who are opting to use drugs or alcohol. This is leading to an increase in the number of patients who are being diagnosed with this condition. They are not registering into inpatient treatment centers to receive treatment.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Oregon

Oregon has had a major problem with underage drinking, with 2001 statistics showing a problem that cost Oregon an estimated $600 million in medical costs. It also brought forth much pain and suffering to individuals, families, and the state at large. This problem has been increasing ever since.

These facts and others provide evidence of a need for the creation of more inpatient treatment centers in Oregon to provide the proper care when possible. Promotion of services provided in these centers including wilderness camps, retreats, seminars, and the use of schools offering therapy has to be encouraged.

Inpatient treatment centers in Oregon offer detox services which may prove applicable where these teenagers are taken through detox programs, should they appear to be becoming addicts. Counseling services are encouraged so that they are made to understand the full impact of these activities on their lives, as well as that of their families and the entire state financially, emotionally, and socially.

Inpatient treatment centers in Oregon are also equipped with the right resources to help their patients so their families must find ways of signing their loved ones who are struggling addiction into these centers. The earlier it’s done, the better. It has been proven that individuals who start treatment as early as possible stand the best chance of being healed. Parents and relatives have to see the urgency of this.

These facilities are among the best and should be utilized lest there continue to be a rise in the levels of crime and poverty, not forgetting increasing cases of physical and sexual abuse and violence around the state’s communities. The old adage that prevention is better than a cure could never have been better applicable than in Oregon. The challenges of drug addiction can be overcome through better utilization of inpatient treatment centers.

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