Inpatient Treatment In South Dakota

Inpatient treatment centers in South Dakota have reported that 40% of all admissions are from people with alcohol addiction problems. Though this is low compared to other states, it’s still high as these treatment centers, some of which don’t charge any admission fees, have to bear the full responsibility of caring for their patients. The inpatient treatment centers run by the government have to dig deeper into the state coffers to bear the costs of treating patients.

The alcohol abuse rates in South Dakota have always been among the highest in the country. This compares quite unfavorably with its rate of patients who are unable to find the help required to overcome their habit. It’s reported that the South Dakota rate of alcohol addiction patients unable to find help is among the highest anywhere in the nation. This means that more centers are required to meet this huge shortfall.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In South Dakota

The total number of treatment centers throughout the state is 59, of which private profit and private non-profit run 34 and 10 centers respectively. This leave the remaining 15 in the hands the government. There are a total of 24 inpatient treatment centers in South Dakota. This is a poor state of affairs.

During 2004-2006, the population of drug and alcohol addicts admitted into these facilities was more than 15,000, increased by more than 6,000 individuals from the beginning of 2004. When this is looked at from the angle of people needing help and treatment for addictions, these figures present an ugly picture of state of substance abuse and addiction treatment in South Dakota.

The total population is placed at over 812,000 against the 24 total inpatient treatment centers in South Dakota. There is no way that this can sufficiently cover the entire region adequately. The solution is to establish more treatment centers, expand the capacity of the existing ones, or reduce the population of addicts.

The families of people fighting against these vices have a herculean task of finding the treatment centers offering their relatives the best course of treatment. Several factors have to be taken into consideration when looking for the perfect center for a patient.

Inpatient treatment centers in South Dakota have to be increased. This is the best course of action that can be taken in trying to solve the huge deficit that exists. The state and private organizations have to work together to address this imbalance or many more will continue suffering.

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