Inpatient Rehab Centers In Texas

The burden that alcohol and drug addiction is placing on Texas is tremendous. The negative and harmful impact of these tendencies has continued to put a strain on the economy of Texas at a deep level. As recently as 2005, a massive 1.3 million residents were reputed to have abused alcohol but only 50,000 got help from treatment centers.

The number of people continuing to be admitted to these inpatient treatment centers has continued to rise from year to year. The leading cause of admission into inpatient treatment centers in Texas has been the use of drugs, especially marijuana. This is followed closely by alcohol and cocaine abuse. Other drugs responsible for the high number of admissions include meth, heroine, and opiates.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Texas

The high numbers of recorded substance abusers and addicts in Texas continues to put immense pressure on available treatment centers. These inpatient treatment centers have been created in hopes of finding ways to see a reduction in these numbers. Marijuana, on its own, continues to provide the single highest cause of admissions. Nearly 25% of all admissions have been attributed to the marijuana addiction.

The Texas population stands at over 25 million and is the second-most populated state in the U.S. This population is covered by close to 520 treatment centers located all over the state. These treatment centers are privately-owned (220), private non-profit (250), and the rest are operated and run by state governments. While there are 162 inpatient treatment centers in Texas, this still falls short of what would be considered enough for the entire region.

The availability of these treatment centers are spread all around the state, making it easier to get access and find one as quickly as possible. Patients still require more facilities though. The huge number of facilities provided for treating people struggling with addiction may be construed as being indicative of the huge problem existing locally.

Inpatient treatment centers have developed a habit of returning addicts to their families completely healed, able to resume their daily responsibilities having successfully overcome their addictions. This high rate of success has resulted in an increasing demand for their services all over the state. The state is making all the efforts possible to help where it can and has made contributions by running more than 40 treatment centers.

These inpatient treatment centers are increasingly making a major contribution towards fighting off this vice. Their value to society cannot be underplayed.

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