Inpatient Treatment Facilities In Virginia

The inpatient treatment centers in Virginia are meant for helping people suffering from severe drug addiction end the habit as hassle-free as possible. The abuse of substances has become widespread in many places across the globe and Virginia is no exception.

Some patients are dependent on prescription substances while others are dependent on alcohol or other drugs. A large percentage of addicts are willing to end the addiction but are held back by fear of withdrawal effects. The following are some of the strategies applied by treatment centers in addressing this problem.

Holistic – This is a natural treatment method applied in many facilities, especially since it has no side-effects. The experts combine a number of strategies such as counseling to divert the attention of the addict from the drugs. Diets are to help in detox and chiropractic measures to control seizures and other physical problems. Additional holistic treatments include acupuncture, exercise, meditation, and yoga. These treatment methods have been used a long time to address different health conditions.

Inpatient Treatment Centers In Virginia

Medical Programs – This is another common approach that aims at suppressing the withdrawal impact of drugs by using a variety of treatment options such as replacements and detox. Replacement refers to administration of a weaker substance that helps in suppressing withdrawal effects. Once tolerance to the drug has gone down, the replacement substance is tapered off and withdrawn with minimal or no side-effects. Detox is carried out to remove toxic substances that may enhance lingering withdrawal effects in recovering patients.

Faith-Based Programs – This method is effective on people with stable religious beliefs since the treatment is generally anchored on religious concepts. The patient is discouraged from abusing substances by convincing them that drugs are demonic. Many religions abhor demonic things and try by all means to stay pure. In the attempt to maintain one’s purity, the addict will be capable of avoiding abusing substances, which is the main intention of inpatient treatment centers.

Behavioral – This method addresses changing the undesired behaviors of addicts that make them relapse. Inpatient treatment centers provide a controlled environment where patients are cut away from addicted individuals and access to drugs, making quitting easy. Keeping them away from crime, other addicts, and daily stress helps.

Treating underlying conditions such as stress, depression, or trauma that are common causes of substance abuse is another major behavioral modification applied to ensuring that the patients will not continue abusing substances after they leave the treatment center. Addicts are trained in identifying and avoiding conditions that can make them relapse, such as hanging at old places, associating with addicts, and even staying idle.

Positive reinforcement by helping the patient find a new job and new friends is stressed in modification of behavior. All these attributes are the foundation of the environment within inpatient treatment centers in Virginia.

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